Dating Is Not Fully Satisfying

Dating is not fully satisfying. Yes, dating is amazing and fun. Yes I love it. But it’s not fully satisfying. We can’t live life hoping to find our satisfaction in our relationship status.

You’re single – you want to be dating. You’re dating – you want to be married. You’re married – you want kids. You have kids – you want more free time. You have free time – you want more to do.

Do you get what I’m saying?

I’ve met countless women in all stages of relationships and none have told me that the status she is in has left her fully satisfied. I have a married friend who has struggled with infertility. She tells me she often cries out to God in pain. Her husband tries to be there for her and comfort her, but she said his comfort is never enough.

I have a single friend who said, “The frustrating part is that I know life won’t get 100% better or easier with a change in status. I want so badly to be satisfied in Christ.”

A human man can never provide enough love, enough comfort, enough support, or enough anything to fill our needs that only Jesus can fulfill. Yes, a human man can give us a glimpse of those things, as close as we can get on earth, but it’s never enough.

We need more.

We crave more.

Let’s look at an example found in the Bible of a nation that believed other things would fill the God shaped hole in their heart. In the book of Hosea, readers learn that Israel failed to turn from their idols and return to the Lord. Israel had turned to Baal worship and had sacrificed at the sanctuaries. Read what happens:

“Now they sin more and more;
    they make idols for themselves from their silver,
cleverly fashioned images,
    all of them the work of craftsmen.
It is said of these people,
    “They offer human sacrifices!
    They kiss calf-idols!”
Therefore they will be like the morning mist,
    like the early dew that disappears,
    like chaff swirling from a threshing floor,
    like smoke escaping through a window.

“But I have been the Lord your God
    ever since you came out of Egypt.
You shall acknowledge no God but me,
    no Savior except me.
I cared for you in the wilderness,
    in the land of burning heat.
When I fed them, they were satisfied;
    when they were satisfied, they became proud;
    then they forgot me.” Hosea 13:2-6 (NIV).

Israel thought these idols would bring them happiness, satisfaction and completion, similarly to how we think a change in relationship status will bring us happiness, satisfaction and completion.

What is God’s response? He tells us to acknowledge no god but Him, no Savior but Him. He tells us to find satisfaction from nothing else except from Him.

I know how easy it is to focus on our own desires, especially when we think they will bring us satisfaction, but we must place Kingdom desires over our desires. We must place God’s interests before our own. God has a purpose and a plan for every stage of life that we face. Enjoy where God has placed you here and now. Use this gift for God’s glory.

Remember, our mission as believers is to become more like Christ and make disciples. It can be very hard to focus on this mission when we our busy focusing on our relationship status.

So what do we do when we still feel unsatisfied in life?

We need to get on our knees and pray. Pray for God to satisfy our deepest longings. God knows our hearts and our deepest desires. When you are struggling and thinking that one specific thing will satisfy you, lift it up to the Lord. Call out to God, “Lord, I want to believe that you’re enough, but right now I’m believing that ______ will fill my heart and make me complete. Help me Lord. Change my heart.”

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Dating is not fully satisfying.

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3 Comments on Dating Is Not Fully Satisfying

  1. Kerese
    at (8 years ago)

    That is so true especially right now its not just relationship but having a job being able to support myself financially getting out of my parents house…. There r times like right now I feel the exact way u described that if I could just have them life would b happier though I know its not true
    Thank u for reminding me of that today
    God bless you 🙂

    • joypedrow
      at (8 years ago)

      Hey Kerese,
      Glad you commented. You’re not alone in those feelings. Praying for you and other readers who think something other that God will bring full satisfaction.
      You are loved.
      -Joy Skarka

  2. Sierra
    at (8 years ago)

    Yes! Been trying to explain this to girls for awhile now. Great post!