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On May 27, 2017, I married my husband, Zack Skarka. I knew he had survived cancer, but I had no doubts in my decision to marry him. Check out my story on the Boundless Blog about trusting God with our fears. Love, Joy

“Run. Bolt before he dies and leaves you heartbroken.” That’s what a friend said when I told her about the cancer-surviving man I had met in the elevator.

Just days before this conversation, this man and I had become Facebook friends. While scrolling through his profile pictures, I paused — I saw a white sash draped over his shoulder. Not any white sash, but one that read “survivor.” That cute boy I met in the elevator had survived cancer.

Maybe I should run now while I have the chance.

In my brain, the word survivor created feelings of fear and uncertainty, not happiness and celebration. He survived cancer! I should be celebrating his life by praising God. But instead of praise, thoughts of death plagued my mind.

I must admit, it took years for my celebrating to start. From the title of this post, you already know I never bolted like my friend suggested. And I thank God I never listened to that advice.

But I do still have fears: What if my husband’s cancer comes back? What if my husband dies? In these moments, my faith becomes pivotal, and I take two steps to live in freedom: turn to God’s Word and pray….


Recently my husband had the gift of sharing his story at a Cycle for Survival event (Photo below), a fundraiser for rare cancers. In his speech, he shared his reaction to finding out he might die during surgery, “I wasn’t afraid. I had peace … and that’s because I knew where I was going if I died … because I believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and because of that, I know my eternal destination.”

Click to watch Zack’s whole speech from Cycle for Survival!


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