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Busyness Overload? | Here are 35 Ways to Connect with God

How to connect with God? We are busy women with long to-do lists. How often do we cut time with God out of our day to make time for everything else on our lists? Sadly, this happens a lot. This is not just a problem women deal with, men struggle with this too. Let’s read what a man has to say about this problem.

Sam Eaton, guest blogger, always adds humor to his posts. Sam created a list of 35 ways we can connect with God. Women aren’t the only ones who often place God on the back burner. Read what Sam has to say about how we can start connecting with God today. (more…)

Worried You’ll Miss “The One”?

Worried You'll Miss out on the one? Are you worried that you will miss out on God’s plan, specifically by missing out on “The One”?

Guess what – you can not screw up God’s plan for your life.

Early in college, I dated a guy who was a Christian, but was not running after Jesus. I was afraid to break up with him because I thought, “What if I mess up God’s plan? What if this is the guy I’m supposed to marry?” Throughout the relationship, the Holy Spirit kept showing me that I should break up with him. If he was “Mr. Right”, there would not have been so many red flags. (more…)

Easy Way to Memorize Scripture

How to memorize Scripture WHY MEMORIZE SCRIPTURE?

You’ve probably been told to memorize scripture, but have you thought about why? Memorizing scripture is possible and can change your walk with God.

To find out why, let’s look to Jesus. Jesus is fully God and fully human, and yet he quoted scripture to attack temptation. How much more do we, who are fully human, need to memorize scripture?

Read this account of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness and notice his weapon of choice:

“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God’” (Matthew 4:1-4).

Jesus was the most powerful human to ever walk this planet, and what did he use to fight against Satan? God’s word. This shows us the power of scripture. It’s safe to assume that Jesus knew the content and significance of scripture. Yet he quoted God’s Word to fight against Satan and temptation.

This shows us two things: the power of God’s word to remove Satan and temptations and that to use this power we need to first memorize scripture. If we don’t have key verses tucked away in our brains, we lack the weapon when we are in battle.

Most of us know that scripture is powerful, but we fail to take the time to memorize it. I know I used to rarely spend time each week memorizing scripture. I believed a lie that the task was too hard.

When the thought of memorizing scripture first entered my mind, these are the words that followed: impossible, unattainable, hopeless, and impractical. Then one day a friend showed me this method of memorizing and my way of thinking about memorizing scripture changed. I want to show you this method so that you will have the power of scripture to use in any battle.


There are a lot of memory systems out there and I’m sure there is merit in all of them, but this is the one that I’ve found works best for me. Follow the steps below for each verse you want to memorize.

  1. Find a verse that has power over your weaknesses. For example, if you are struggling with purity, search your Bible or the internet for verses about purity, freedom, or the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit. (Openbible.info is a great resource for finding verses for every topic.)
  2. Read the verse through several times out loud. You can even record yourself reading the verse on your phone. This way you can listen to the verse as your driving or working out.
  3. *KEY STEP* Write the first letter of each word of the verse out on an index card. This step is what makes this way of memorizing different that others. This tip helps with long term memorization. If that does’t make sense to you, I’ve attached a photo of the verse I’m currently trying to memorize Pslam 18: 2 (NIV), “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” (INSERT PHOTO)
  4. Look at the first letters and practice saying the verse. If you need help, turn back to the full verse. Then continue practicing with just the first letters.
  5. When you think you’ve mastered the verse, try writing it down without looking at your card or Bible.
  6. Feel free to create multiple verse cards with just the letters. You can hole punch each card and tie them together with string or a circle clip. This keeps them together and allows for easy flipping from verse to verse. Now you can master a verse, move on to a new verse, and then go back to the old a few days later.

Friends, this way of memorizing scripture has drastically changed my walk with God. I am now learning how to use the power of God’s word in day to day life and fight off Satan and temptation. I pray and hope that this method will help you as well.


Am I strong? Beautiful? Am I good enough?

Am I strong_ Beautiful_ Am I good-1 Am I strong? Beautiful? Am I good enough? Have you found yourself asking these questions? We live in a world that tears us down. A world that tells us we will never be skinny enough, smart enough, or good enough. If we let the world define us, we will always be let down. Instead, we have to be defined by the Cross.

Easter has come and gone, but the power of what happened on the Cross lives forever. When I write the Cross, I’m referring to the historical moment when Jesus died on the Cross and took on the shame of all our sins. That moment in history will forever leave a mark on you and this world.

Why? Because the Cross forms your identity. The Cross is who you are. It is not just a big theological term, but it also impacts every part of your life. It brings you freedom from your past and hope for your future. (more…)

Introducing Nick and Sofia Audas – The Newest JP Ministry Partners

Cru Ministry Meet the new JP Ministries mission partners – Nick and Sofia Audas. Nick and Sofia are recent college grads who see the need to reach college students with the gospel. Here you can get to know them, find out why they choose to move to NYC, and how to partner with them.

I strongly love, believe in, and support Cru and mission, and that is why JP Ministries is now a monthly partner with Nick and Sofia. This means that we support them financially each month and through prayer as they live on mission in NYC. To stay connected, Nick and Sofia will be sharing a post monthly about how God is using them to further His Kingdom on the college campuses in NYC.

Meet Nick and Sofia Audas