Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Daughter’s Day!

To mothers and non-mothers alike, enjoy this beautiful YouTube video created by my church Aletheia Tampa. I hope you have a wonderful grace filled day. A special thank you to my mom, for loving me so well and always being my number one fan. I’m so glad God decided you would be my Mom. Additional thank yous to all my spiritual moms, for always pointing me to Christ and encouraging me in my walk with God.

As the video states – You are loved. You are valued. You are forgiven. I could not have said anything in a more perfect way. I hope you enjoy the video and share it with all the mothers and non-mothers in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Daughter’s Day! Love, Joy


Special thanks to:
Amy Young | http://www.messymiddle.com
Elyse Fitzpatrick | http://www.elysefitzpatrick.com

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