Every Bitter Thing is Sweet Book Review

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet I love being able to read books, and share with you all how this book could help your walk with God. I get to do the work for you, and you simply decide if the book fits with your needs.

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty moved me to tears. Sara wrote stories about struggling to know and understand God’s love in a real and vulnerable way. Each page was so beautifully written. As I read her words, I pictured myself there in Sara’s shoes. Her descriptions were perfect.

In this book, we get to go on Sara’s journey to really finding God during the bitter times of her life.

This book is great for anyone who:

  • Wants to understand God’s love more deeply.
  • Wants to find God, but doesn’t realize you’ll have to let go of yourself in the process.
  • Is too busy with ministry and life that you’ve lost sight of God.
  • Is struggling with infertility.
  • Is passionate about adoption. This book opened my heart to adoption, and now I could see myself one day adopting.
  • Believes the lie that marriage will solve all your problems, this book will show you the truth.
  • Doesn’t understand why God gives you certain desires in your heart.

Sara learned that she had a lot of ideas about God that were not actually who God really was. All of her pain that she went through, revealed the ways in which she saw God that did not line up with scripture.

God will use every pain, hardship, and struggle for his glory. For Sara, he used her barrenness to lead her closer to his heart. God can do the same thing for you.

However you are struggling today, know that God will use this to bring him glory. You may never understand the “why” questions. Why did this happen? Why did God let it happen? Why me? But trust in God, and know that he makes beautiful things out of all our pains.

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