Dr. Sue Edwards

Professor of Christian Education STUDIES, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Joy Skarka is the first and only masters level seminary student I’ve ever invited to teach a session in my women’s doctoral level course. From her blog and DTS women’s fellowship workshop, I knew she was already the go-to resource on biblical wisdom related to women and sexual issues. That speaks volumes. As my intern and our website guru for the Dallas Fort Worth professional organization for women, I know Joy well. She’s able to talk frankly yet kindly about issues that many avoid. Her voice begs to be heard because the culture’s sexual practices are confusing and damaging many women today. I’m eager to see how the Lord uses Joy in the years ahead to help women free themselves from unhealthy sexual patterns and understand sex through God’s eyes. Both single and married women need her expertise, encouragement, and biblical savvy.”


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“Our students have been inundated with the world’s version of sexuality for their entire lives, so when Joy spoke to our student leaders, they had SO many questions for her. Joy answered their questions about their own situations as well as how to best disciple women in Biblical sexuality. Our staff and students walked away with a ton of great notes and resources – knowledge that made them feel more confident and equipped to be spiritual leaders on the college campus.”