Devotional E-Book


Freedom from Porn for Women is an inspiring 6-day devotional and Bible reading plan that is a first step for women who struggle with pornography and seek freedom. After six days of encouragement, you will feel more hopeful that freedom is possible, and you will know you are not alone in your struggle.

God has created each of us with a desire for intimacy. We often seek to satisfy those feelings with fantasy and pornography, which leave us feeling guilty, empty, worthless, and trapped in a vicious cycle. Despite the frequent message from the culture that watching porn improves one’s life, those stuck in pornography addiction know it robs us of the joy and freedom in which we were designed to live. The statistics show that Christians frequently look at porn, and that women are not immune, with 1 in 3 women under age 25 seeking out porn monthly. Struggling with porn is not a man’s problem, but a problem of the heart.

If you are struggling with porn, you might know the pain I am describing and are likely looking for a way to escape it. You might be wondering:
“Will I always be addicted to porn?”
“Will my life always feel this empty?”
“Can Jesus really meet my longings and desires for intimacy?”

I know how frustrating the conflict is to truly desire freedom while feeling stuck in your addiction. Maybe you have tried quitting and finding healing, only to fall again. The goal of this devotional is to focus on changing your heart by spending time in God’s Word and falling more in love with Jesus.

The good news is that if you are a believer, you are already free in Christ! This plan will guide you in learning how to walk out this freedom and become more like Christ each day as you learn to surrender your struggles. My prayer is that through this devotional you would begin to find freedom from your unwanted sexual behaviors and start the healing process.