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When You Can’t Imagine a Life Without Pain

When You Can’t Imagine a Life Without Pain We can’t imagine a life without sin, pain, shame, death, loss, grief, tears, etc. The list can go on and on. Our only experience with life is living in a sin cursed world. We’ve never known a life without these things, yet God promises that one day we can experience a new life if we trust in Jesus.

As the news unfolds of tragedy after tragedy, how do we believers hold on to this promise? (more…)

Netflix Addiction Kills Relationships

Netflix Addiction As of today, 57.4 million people subscribe to Netflix. Out of the millions of subscribers, it is estimated that 61% of them binge watch shows every week. These viewers spend an average of over 1 billion hours a month watching their favorite TV shows and movies.

I searched “Netflix addiction” on Google and found millions of hits that included thousands of blog posts. Here are a few titles: 12 Signs That You’re Addicted to Netflix, Confessions of a Netflix Addict, and my personal favorite – “21 Signs Your Relationship With Netflix Has Gotten Out Of Control”.

Millions of people in our world have a relationship with Netflix. Do you have one too? Do you frequently binge watch on Netflix?


Ferguson, God’s sons, & J

America has been talking non-stop about what happened in Ferguson. This week the issue hit home in my heart. I want to make this clear – I do not claim to know everything and this post is not focusing on all the details of the events. This post is focusing on God’s sons, and one particular son who opened my eyes.

This semester I started working as a tutor. I meet with many students each week, but one student has impacted me the most. In order to keep him anonymous, I’m going to call him J. J is one of the happiest boys I tutor. He is full of life, passion, and perseverance.

J comes from a broken home and an unsafe city where shootings occur very often. God gave J the gift of football and this gift got him out of his hometown and into a university. J told me that the transition to college was very hard. Before college, J had never used a computer, and now he was expected to write papers and take online quizzes. J has constantly been told he is lazy and dumb, but J is smarter than he’ll ever know. When he gets an answer right in tutoring, a huge smile fills his face. In one of our tutor sessions, I told him, “You know J, you are smart.” I saw a smile wanting to break through, but he didn’t believe me. He replied, “But look at my grades. Those aren’t A’s.” I encouraged him and told him how in only one month he had pulled up F’s to C’s and B’s. I said, “J, college is different and harder than high school. Look at how far you have come. You are smart, and I am proud of you.” J smiled a big smile this time.

J has a beautiful smile. His smile made me think about how J was made in God’s image. His smile is God’s smile. His hands are God’s hands. God gifted his hands with the ability to be great at football in order to bring him out of his hometown. God could have used football to save his life. My mind immediately thought of Ferguson. That could have been J.

Jefferson Bethke, video below, states, “(his future son) is 21 times less likely to be killed by a police officer. Now think about that. That means that 21 young black kids would have to get killed by a police officer before it’s even likely on average that my son as a white male in America would get killed.”

These statistics are heartbreaking.

J could have been shot.

Before this week, I dehumanized the issue. Now, I see the issue in J’s face. My new friend. God’s son. J is a person with a story. A really sad story filled with the losses of many loved ones, including a relative who was shot. What if J gets shot? My heart would break.

God, Protect your sons. No matter what color they are – they are still your sons. They have your smile, just like J does. They have been through so much. Protect them. Keep them safe in your hands. Thank you for J. Thank you that he is your son.

“for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.” -Galatians 3:26

And friends, it is easy to think this situation does not affect you, but it does. These are our brothers, our sons, and our friends. Pray for their safety. Pray for this world. Pray that Jesus’ name would be known.


Sadie Robertson on Dancing with the Stars + Book Review

On this season of “Dancing With the Stars”, Sadie Robertson from the hit reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” is staying true to her Christian beliefs. In one of the episodes, Sadie explained that faith is the center of her family.

The world needs more Sadies. Last season on “Dancing With the Stars”, Candace Cameron Bure from “Full House” was one of the celebrity dancers. Candace also openly proclaimed her faith. In the media, Jesus is rarely talked about in a positive light. I’m thankful for both Sadie and Candace. We can learn a lot from their boldness.

Sadie said, “People are going to say things no matter what. If you are holding the football you are going to get tackled.”

Her boldness should inspire us. When we openly share our faith, people will tackle us. There will always be people against us, but we must continue dancing for God.

“I believe with all my heart He is the one in control of all things. ALL glory to God for this amazing journey,” tweeted Sadie. It has been an amazing journey watching Sadie grow and mature into a beautiful dancer. This Monday is the finale of DWTS. Let’s show Sadie some love and support and vote for her and Mark!

If you are a DWTS fan, what has been your favorite part of the season?

Here is another video I loved!

If you love Sadie, you’ll love the Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible.

This NKJV Bible is perfect for fans of Duck Dynasty. The Bible is full of devotions written by Phil and Al Robertson. Each devotion is filled with a funny or inspiring story about the family. I also love that there is a section titled “Set Your Sights”. This section is divided into different topics including faith, family, fellowship, forgiveness, and freedom. Each topic includes scripture that relates with the topic and a letter from Phil or Al. If you are a fan of the show and the Robertson family, you will love this Bible and all the stories inside of it.

I received this copy of this Bible for free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for this review.

Dance Moms Controversy – Christy Hunt and Jesus


On Tuesday night, the premiere of the new season of the reality TV show Dance Moms aired. The show started quickly, with two grown women physically fighting in Abby’s studio. The result was a bruised head, ripped clothing, and weave falling to the floor. Christy Hunt, mom of Sarah, was one of the women in the brawl. She claims to be a Christian, but her actions may speak differently.

I started watching this show because I grew up in Pittsburgh, where Abby’s studio is located. When Brooke was in middle school, I met her through a family friend, and then became an avid watcher. What can I say, I have to root for the the home team. Last Summer, I even ran into some of the other stars from Dance Moms in my town!


I thought I had seen it all on Dance Moms. I have seen extreme name calling, swearing, adults making kids cry, and hair pulling fights, but I had never heard someone claim to follow Jesus and then hit a women in the face. (more…)

Approval Addiction


My name is Joy and I’m addicted to approval.

I want to get real with you all. My desire for approval is an issue that God has revealed to me and has begun working on in my life. I’ve realized that this issue effects every aspect of my life. For example, I want my parents approval, and that sometimes leads me to follow their plan for my life over God’s plan for my life. I want my friends to like me, and because of that I’m not always honest or true to who God made me to be.

My approval addiction hinders my authenticity as a Christian, and hurts how others view Jesus.

I realize it is impossible for everyone in my life to approve of me. I’m working on realizing that none of their opinions matter, only God’s.

We want approval, and to gain it we think we have to perform. We perform when we change from who God created us to be into a person who we think others will like more.

Recently, I have started watching Dancing with the Stars. What drew me to the show was Candace Cameron Bure, most commonly known as DJ Tanner from Full House. Candace openly shares on the show that she puts faith first, likes the light, and performs for an audience of one.

On last weeks episode she said, “I always remember, that no matter how many people I’m performing for, I’m really performing for an audience of one. And that’s for God.”

I admire Candace because she is an authentic Christian. It would be easy for her to get upset over negative comments from the world, but she chooses to not let them bother her. Instead of letting them upset her, she chooses to only care about how God views her and how she is performing to him.

Thank you Candace for being a great example to the world and for being a truly authentic Christian.

People will always have opinions. Some may hurt you and some may help you, but we have to remember that what other people think of us doesn’t matter.

Who are you performing for? Who are you trying to please? Would God approve of what you say, think, and do?

Remember, you are performing for an audience of one.


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