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A Man’s Perspective on Suffering

Suffering Suffering: a season of life that no one hopes to endure, yet happens to us almost daily. We may view suffering as bad, but God views suffering as a way to give himself glory. Today on the blog, Nick Audas shares how God used suffering to reveal to him Christ’s strength. Nick and his wife Sofia are Cru staff missionaries in New York City and monthly partners with JP Ministries. (Read their introduction post here.)

Suffering takes so many forms. I feel like I have seen many of them affect me, either directly or indirectly, over the past year.

I have seen death occur both suddenly and slowly. I have hurt with friends as they hurt. I’ve suffered while praying for situations that were too screwed up for me to be able to fix or make better, and could only ask for God to intervene. (more…)

Why Support College Ministry?

Why Support College Ministry If you are new to the JP Ministries blog, I want to let you in on a secret – I love college ministry. It was through Cru, a college ministry, that I first heard the gospel presented in a way where I could know God personally. I had gone to church all my life, but I did not know that God wanted to know me – me, broken and hurting me.

My freshman year of college my life hit rock bottom. (Read my story here.) God used my depression to show me that I needed Jesus. As a lonely and hurting freshman in college, I began going to Cru. The Cru staff poured into my heart. I am so grateful for Cru and for the life change they bring by sharing the gospel with college students. For that reason, JP Ministries partners monthly with two Cru staff missionaries – Nick and Sofia Audas. (Read their introduction post here.)

Today on the blog, Nick and Sofia are going to share why they are passionate about college ministry. (more…)

Lift Him Up don’t Pull Him Down

You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. Exodus 20:7

How many times have you heard someone say “Oh my G**” or read “OMG” in a text message? This phrase is common in our daily conversations, yet we have no idea how this simple three letter acronym is taking glory away from our God. We must take action steps to stop misusing God’s name and instead bring him glory.

In one of my favorite author’s new book, “Lift Him Up don’t Pull Him Down”, you will learn the significance of God’s name, why we should never take his name in vain, and how to practically stop our hurtful language.

To learn more about the book and the heart behind the message, read today’s guest post by author Debra Pedrow. You can buy an autographed copy of the book today on Etsy. (Click here to purchase “Lift Him Up don’t Pull Him Down”. (more…)

Busyness Overload? | Here are 35 Ways to Connect with God

How to connect with God? We are busy women with long to-do lists. How often do we cut time with God out of our day to make time for everything else on our lists? Sadly, this happens a lot. This is not just a problem women deal with, men struggle with this too. Let’s read what a man has to say about this problem.

Sam Eaton, guest blogger, always adds humor to his posts. Sam created a list of 35 ways we can connect with God. Women aren’t the only ones who often place God on the back burner. Read what Sam has to say about how we can start connecting with God today. (more…)

What a Godly Man Looks for in a Godly Woman – A Man’s Perspective

What a guy wants in a girl How many times have you talked with your girlfriends about your perfect guy? Whether it is hair color, height, or personality, we all have preferences. Maybe just like me, you have a list of qualities that you would love to define your dream man. But maybe our long lists of descriptions are causing us to miss the big picture.

As we women look at our long lists, we start wondering, do guys do this too? If so, how will we ever compare to his dream woman?

Let’s get a man to answer this question.

Sam Eaton, guest blogger, gives a humorous spin to our lists. When I first read Sam’s post, I laughed, chuckled, smiled, and nodded in agreement. His words are spot on. Let’s let him answer the question.

What a Godly Man Looks for in a Godly Woman – A Man’s Perspective


You Are NOT Defined by Your Past – From a Man’s Perspective


Today is an exciting day for Joy Skarka Ministries. We have our first male guest blogger! Sam Eaton writes at Sam’s heart for Jesus is contagious. He’s a music teacher by day, and a youth ministry and worship musician by night and weekend. You can friend him on twitter @eatonbythemusic.

Sam and I both desire to help people know that God can redeem them from their past. Because of this passion, Sam and I will conquer the topic from the different perspectives of men and women. He will share his perspective on my blog and I will share mine on his. (Click here to read my post).

So drum roll please…….. Here is “You Are NOT Defined by Your Past – From a Man’s Perspective” by Sam Eaton. (more…)

How can we maintain an authentic relationship with Jesus in college?

Joy Skarka Ministries

In college, it is easy to go through the motions and forget why we follow Jesus, but our walks with God do not have to dry out or become fake. We can constantly experience the love of Christ even during the busy days of college. In this series, Christian in College, guest bloggers will answer questions about faith and college. I’m very excited for you to read blogger Plylicia D. Masonheimer’s post answering, “How can we maintain an authentic relationship with Jesus in college?”  (more…)

She is Set Apart

Hola friends! I’m super excited that Tierraney Richardson is sharing her story today.
I love Tierraney’s passion for Jesus and the way she is trying to fulfill God’s purpose for her life daily. She just created a new ministry, She is Set Apart. I’m so excited to see all the fruit and life change from it. Be sure to subscribe to her blog.
Enjoy the post below!

       Many women have a story that goes something like, “I used to be in and out of relationships with men seeking validation until I realized that this isn’t working, so I sought the Lord and learned to base my identity in Christ.”  However, my story is quite the opposite.
       I had never been in a relationship and never had a boyfriend and for years I was ashamed of this. While I had high self-esteem, I never shared this information out of fear that someone would think something was wrong with me. I was the girl who was never asked to prom or dances.  None of the boys ever took interest in me, and the few that did I was not at all interested in.  I was ashamed of all of this.
       In June 2012, I found out about an amazing organization for women titled, Pinky Promise Movement.  One day I was randomly on twitter and I saw a re-tweet of something by Heather Lindsey.  I ended up finding Heather’s blog and was immediately hooked.  Heather would post things online to singles like, “You are set apart…. you’re hidden by Christ.”  Before that I never looked at my life of singleness in that way.
       Two years later, I read a book by Alyssa Joy Bethke and Robin Jones Gunn called Spoken For. In this book Alyssa talks about how she spent her life never dating until she met her now husband Jeff Bethke.  Hearing Alyssa’s story and reading Heather’s tweets liberated me knowing that others empathized with me and could relate.  I began to embrace that I am a rare and treasured jewel that God is saving for only His best.  I learned that I am wanted and that the God of this universe loves me and that I do not need another flawed human to love me or the title of someone’s girlfriend to make me feel valued and important.
If you can relate to my story here is some encouragement:
In Job 2:3 God says, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on Earth like him; he is blameless and upright who fears God and shuns evil.” Now if you read the book of Job in its entirety and this passage specifically you will know that God is actually saying this to Satan. God was telling Satan about Job’s character.  Job was a great man of God.
However, you can also apply this scripture to your current situation. If you feel discouraged in you current season of singleness know that you are God’s princess. As you continue to seek God daily you he will develop Christlike character within you. Keep striving to be a true Proverbs 31 woman one day he will open the eyes of your Ephesians 5 man. Just as he described the character of Job he will be revealing your character to your one day spouse saying, have you considered my servant, there is no one on Earth like her. She is blameless and upright and a women who fears God and shuns evil.
Satan wants you to feel unloved and unwanted but we must continue to remind ourselves of God’s truth – that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are a peculiar treasure, we are hidden and we are set apart.

Bio: My name is Tierraney. I am a Texas born & raised 20-something year old. While I am totally obsessed with the color pink I am even more so obsessed with Jesus Christ. I currently teach 3rd grade Math to underprivileged children in Houston. Learning how I have been set apart inspired me to create a ministry for other women to learn  how they are set apart. Visit my website: I am always looking for other women to share their story on how they are set apart. If you would like to please email: [email protected] You can find me on the web here: Personal: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, YouTube – Ministry: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest

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