Why do I blog?

Friends, family, roommates, and strangers have asked me, “why do you spend hours a week blogging?” I smile and think where do I even begin. There are so many reasons why I spend hours typing away on my computer. I think about my readers and the encouraging comments they leave, the community that has formed between other bloggers and myself, the pleasure I get in writing a post, the excitement I feel marketing each one, but none of those reasons are the reason why I blog.

If only one woman, one soul, would read my blog, and realize that Jesus loves her, then I would have fulfilled the purpose of this blog. I desire for each and every one of you to know how powerful your story is, that Jesus has a purpose and plan for your life, and that you are His precious beautiful daughter.

I dream about a world where every woman has experienced the life change of Jesus. They feel His power. They trust Him with their life and experience healing. Shame exists no more! They know that they are loved by their Father in heaven.

That is why I write and put countless hours into this blog.
That is why I created Joy Skarka Ministries.

Everything I do, is for Jesus.

I believe that Jesus will use me and my story, and you and your story, to help women. I invite you to join me on this journey, check out my posts, and invite other women to join us on this journey.

Experience Jesus. Experience His joy. Experience His freedom.

My name is Joy Skarka and I blog for Jesus.






4 Comments on Why do I blog?

  1. Heather
    at (9 years ago)

    Amen girl!!!! : )

  2. adeasterly
    at (9 years ago)

    You are so inspirational, sweetheart!! Love you and your love for Christ <3

  3. He is the best reason to blog! Bless you and your ministry. Women need to know their stories matter and Jesus will use them to help others.

    • Joy Skarka
      at (9 years ago)

      Thank you Laura! He is the best reason to blog. You always do a great job of keeping God the focus as well. Thanks for your encouragement!